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Financial Strength

Our financial reserves provide solid protection to our customers and their clients in the event of a claim, whether immediate or many years after a land transaction. This strength will also enable us to invest in technologies that will facilitate expedient service while continuing our ability to deliver accurate and thorough products.

Experienced Staff

The title business is full of complex details coupled with critical time” deadlines. The ability to handle the unique pressure is developed and mastered through on-the-job training and continual mentoring. Our narrow focus on the title aspect of real estate gives us the opportunity to become experts in our field. We are fortunate to have many veterans on our staff who are able to lead the way in upholding the high standards of reliability, knowledge, and attention to detail so necessary in the business.

Our History

In 1983, the company was acquired By Chautauqua Abstract and we expanded our operations to serve more of Cattaraugus county and surrounding areas.